A sad story for you all. I just went to my first metal concert at the age of 27. A direct result of not getting into metal until my mid 20’s.

I saw Nightwish (with Paradise Lost) at the Sunshine Theater on November 8th. I had been wanting to see them live since 2004. In 2005 I was supposed to see them in San Fransisco, but the USA tour was canceled due to reasons that can be found else where. I had tickets, and while they were refuended, the Ticketmaster fees were not. Grumble grumble. Two years later I see them with a new female Vocalist by the name of Anette Olzon.

The show was excellent. The band has an excellent stage presence which compounded with the energy they produce made for a great night. I hope Nightwish makes their way back to Albuquerque again.