Bought my first GPS this past weekend. Albertsons was selling some for $99 a piece. I could not pass that up. It is very basic, but that is fine by me. While it will play mp3’s, the unit has no headphone out put.

A few interesting tidbits about the VSC-N530A. It is running Windows CE 4.2, which means that once unlocked, other software can run on it. A link on the Fatwallet forums to GpsPasSion confirmed as much for me. After following the instructions at GpSPasSion, I was able to run the WinCE desktop. My next step is to try other software on the GPS unit.

One other thing. The file structure on the unit shows a file called holuxshell. This leads me to believe that the unit in the GpSPasSion thread that is made by a company called Holux, is probably very close, perhaps rebadged, to my own unit “made” by Visco.