I’m reprinting this letter written by Patrick Marron(with permission). He is the Delegate that Chairman Weh removed from the convention without just cause. This is a must read by anyone in New Mexico, or for that matter, anyone in the Country.

Patrick MarronDear sir or miss, my name is Patrick J Marron and I was recently written about in several local media sources in New Mexico in reference to the Quadrennial State gop convention for New Mexico. I am the state delegate who was ejected illegally from the state convention and I would like you to please tell my story as no one pays attention to New Mexico as we are a small state and we need your help!First I attended a mccain for president meeting prior to the convention and a woman who was introduced as the mccain campaigns head representative in new mexico(I believe her name is marta) asked if there were any “RON PAUL for president people in here?” I gave a enthusiastic “woo hoo!”(as I was a RON PAUL supporter) in response.This mccain representative than told everyone in the room that “there is a RON PAUL meeting in the common area so you can go attend that”Needless to say I stayed and later I asked several people about that meeting to include the head of the New Mexicans for RON PAUL group about the meeting.To a man everyone stated they knew of no RON PAUL meeting prior to the convention.It is my belief that there was no meeting and this Marta the HEAD of the mccain campaign in new mexico(to my understanding) LIED to a group of good men and woman of the new mexico gop!This is outragerous!

Secondly,my audio interview with you took place before I was ejected.I attempted on several occasions to respectfully question why people in the convention(to include state delegates) were told they could not film.I was told by Mr. wehs second in command that he would not answer my question because it was “not germaine to our business at hand” I asked when I could ask my question as I did not want to be disruptive and be ruled out of order.This gentlemen replied I could ask my question after the business at hand was dealt with.In your blog you state “Weh contends he was keeping the meeting moving forward and that Marron wasn’t on the agenda and had no right to ask a question or challenge the leadership’s ruling.” Well which is it Mr. weh either I can ask questions like your second in command told me FROM THE PODIUM in a amplified mike so all could hear that I can ask questions which I attempted to do on 3 approximately occasions where I quietly approached the mike on the convention floor when I deemed (I had to go off my own judgment because it was never made clear to me when “business at hand” was)it appropriate per the seconds instructions.Also my first approach to the mike was AFTER chairman weh had already answered another question from the convention floor yet chairman weh advised me “we are not taking questions right now” (whereupon I sat back down) even though chairman weh answered a question only seconds before I asked mine.

I would have gladly asked my question at a specific time during the convention but I was not told of any specific time where questions would be allowed.On each attempt to ask my question chairman weh began speaking and I did not wish to disrupt his speech so I sat down. At one point a black haired female who gave a speech during a preconvention mccain for president meeting approached me in a aggressive manner,began making aggressive motions towards me with her hand in a closed fist with one finger pointing out and threatened me stating “If you get out of your seat one more time we will have the sergeant of arms remove you!” and stormed off.I then sat down as I did not want to be removed illegally from the convention.This woman approached me again several minutes later as I was telling a friend what she had said and this woman admitted she was threatening me.Needless to say my question was never answered.Chairman weh and his crony refused to answer my question. Later a fellow delegate made a point of order in reference to electors to the electoral college being appointed rather than elected from the convention floor.Chairman weh refused to recognize this delegate so I made a point of order stating “a point of order cannot be superceded by any other business” for this grave sin of dare voicing my concern chairman weh advised his sergeant at arms to eject me from the convention. after I was ejected the convention security(a very angry and racist man by the name of vasquez) yelled at me in an aggressive manner,made aggressive gestures towards me as if he was going to batter me,and accused me of putting fliers on the cars outside the convention(which I never did).When I attempted to ask this glorified rentacop a question he screamed”WHAT YOUR NOT GOING TO LEAVE??!!!” Vasquez did this on several different occassions and it is my opinion he was attempting to justify using force against me even though I complied with all his and the sergeant of arms officers instructions.Vasquez started speaking spanish when I asked him for his identifying information and screamed at a member of the media who was observing the situation “WHAT YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH LA RAZA??!!” Later vasquez made a false accusation against this same gentelman saying”didnt you say you were going to kick my ass?”Bottom line my impression of the las cruces convention was it was no different from a communist committee meeting except after being removed the commies would have had me shot! Maybe we have to wait a couple years until chairman weh is willing to go that far. In a recent blog “the word with st cyr” chairman weh is quoted “It’s my bat, my ball, and he [Marron] struck out.” Well chairman weh it may be your bat and ball but its the registered republicans of new mexico who are the OWNERS of the team! Your just the coach and you can be easily replaced. I want to appeal to the good men and women of the new mexico gop.Do you really want a gop where no questions can be asked and where chairman weh decides who represents you in the electoral college rather than a fair and unbiased election from the convention floor?Maybe that messy and slow moving thing known as a Constitutional Republic with a representative democracy is too outdated for chairman weh. But for myself (a former marine and a patriot who loves this great country) these ideas are as sacred as the Holy Word of the New Testament and are the backbone of what made this country great.In a word that is LIBERTY. Finally in “the word with st cyr” blog its stated [Monday Update – 9am] We’ve learned Marron also shouted and caused a commotion during Sen. John McCain’s keynote address at New Mexico’s Veteran Memorial Park on Memorial Day in Albuquerque. In reference to this I did shout exactly 3 times at the mccain for president political rally wether that means I caused a commotion or not I’ll let the good reader decide.When mr mccain was introduced there was applause and as this applause died down right before mr mccain spoke I yelled “VOTE RON PAUL!” whereupon someone booed.I then listened diligently to mr mccains speech and even clapped at certain points he made(I like the idea of taking care of our veterans as a former marine even though I dont believe john mccain has or will follow through with getting our veterans needed services as opposed to DR RON PAUL who has stated veteran care will be a priority)At a halfway point during mr mccains speech he finished a point with “and thats why I’m running for president” after the applause died down and before mr mcain began speaking again I yelled “VOTE RON PAUL!” Whereupon I heard a voice behind me yell “shut up”.At the end of mr mmcains speech when the applause died down and before the Marine master of ceremonies began speaking I yelled “GOD bless the United States Marine Corps!!!!(being a former marine and it being memorial day I felt it was appropiate)”VOte Ron Paul!!!” whereupon the crowd erupted in cheers at my shout.Again if that equals causing a commotion I will let the readers decide but I for one feel that if the New Mexico gop was going to assist mr mccain in having a political rally in New Mexico the New Mexico gop should have assisted Mr RON PAUL as well.As a former Marine and American Patriot I feel it is patriotic to voice your opinion and as mr mccain is speaking with “la raza” (a mexican hate group whose STATED goal is to take the American southwest for mexico) this july and as mr mccain has betrayed conservatives by endorsing amnesty for illegal aliens(as opposed to DR RON PAUL who stated he would quit subsidizing illegal aliens with free medical,educational,welfare programs if elected president)I felt the most patriotic thing I could do was be a voice of dissent to mr mccains betrayal of America. “I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” –Thomas Jefferson, inscribed on Jefferson Memorial


Patrick J Marron