This first clip starts off with the vote that raised the votes allowed for National from 20 to 40 for the at large delegates , and 3 to 6 for the Congressional District delegates. The result of this rule change diluted the Ron Paul delegate vote. Then there is a bit of a delay as the Sgt-at-arms ran disappeared, and people did not know where she went. A question is then asked about ballots (someone asked if the Unity slate paper was the ballot). At this Point Patrick asks if he can ask a question, and is told by Chairman Weh that questions are not being taken despite the fact a question was just asked.

Clip #1 (mp3)

In this second clip we start off with Sala Chapman being nominated for the National committee Woman Job. Patrick then asks why people are not allowed to video tape the convention, and Chairman Weh responds that he will not address that now. They ask all the candidates for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman to come up on the stage. (Later on, we find out that they were trying their darnedest back stage to disqualify all the nominations from the floor. As Rosie Tripp was the person tapped by the State Party to hold the position) Someone challenges the Chapman nomination, and then Patrick trys to ask when he will be allowed to ask questions, and Chairman Weh completely side steps the question. After all that, Weh goes on for a while on what National Committee Men and Women do.

Clip #2 (mp3)