El Yunque,  Puerto Rico

Another of my photographs from my December trip to Puerto Rico. This one titled “Into the Unknown”.

For most of my Rain Forest photos I used Shutter Priority mode(Tv). I usually shoot in Aperture Priority(Av) mode, but the first day in the rain forest with that mode, i found that the camera struggled to find the right shutter speed for handhold shots.* On the second day I switched to Tv and set my shutter the slowest speed that I felt I could hand hold. The resulting photos were slightly underexposed; a result that in my opinion, gave the photos a more realistic mood. I used Pentax’s SMC DA 18-55mm “Kit Lens” for this, and most of my photos. While this is the Kit lens that would of came with my camera, I bought this lens about two years after buying the camera. The reason being, I was finally in need of a wide angle lens, and money was short. I am very pleased with the results.

*I did have my tripod with me, but time constraints meant I was did not use it very often.