Well that was a fast (and intense) first semester. Finals are all done. Though I still have to attend two more days of clinicals before I get my 2 week break.  Then on to the summer semester.

This photo is one I took on World Pentax Day 2009 (create by PentaxForums.com)I converted to black and white in the GIMP. Shot with my new (to me) Sears 135mm Macro lens. It “macro” portion of the lens is more like a closeup element. With macro shots, objects of interest seem sharp, yet unsharp. Almost like viewing a dream.  A very fun effect.

I am also changing the theme of my photo site, mountainfort.com, as I was getting tired of the black background. A new logo is in the works as well. In other web news, Airsoft New Mexico has changed over from xoops to Joomla about a month early. If you were a member of the old site, you need to sign up again. We have added a lot of new community features to the site including a shoutbox for registered users.