A few lessons learned this semester (not including all the normal stuff that was learned in the classroom and clincials)

1)  Getting sick sucks.  I mean really sucks. Especially when I don’t even know what I had. All i do know is that it tapped my energy. I’m still not running 100%.  I had to skip out the the 2nd half of lab today just to have the energy to do 9 hours in the clinic. On the way home, I was close to falling asleep at the wheel. And this is on almost a full 8 hours of sleep.

2) 6 hours of class followed by 9 hours of clinical just drained me. Actually, if I could do 9 hours of clinical and follow it up with 6 hours of class, that would be better. Way better.  Might seem like the same, but it is not.

3) Yawn

4) ???

5) Profit

6) This semester can’t be over with fast enough. Bring on the 4th semester ASAP!