So we had finals last week. All done. But we still have to come in next week and go over the exams. Plus we have clincals all next week. Which also means I’m going to be super busy because I have to make two days.  Was only one, but then my car broke down (ish) on Thursday. Meant I had to miss on Friday. Argggg.  I flushed the transmission today with the help of my father. Now the car is operating perfectly. The shifts are smoother than they have ever been before. Go figure. Actually, I had brought my car to a few places to have this done before, but no one would touch it. I figured that now would be a good time to try because it wouldn’t hurt (car refused to shift out of first).

I’m just ready for a vacation. Anywho, here is a video made on the Animoto website of a whole bunch of my photos from over the years.