So I spent my New Years eve at my moms house. I suppose I could of gone out, but the drunks on the road always scare me. Plus I knew I could watch a perfectly good fireworks show about 30 seconds from the front step.  After watching the show I finished bringing in the new year with Chocolate Stout and a pile of cocktail weiners. Ohhhh yeah.

Later in the day I finished the fireworks photos in the Lightroom 3 beta. I’m completely in love with this program, and will be purchasing it. The learning curve was low. Only thing I had to look up was how to change the aspect ratio of the crop tool. (Changing from 2:3 to 3:2) This program does everything I do in my own work flow, but makes it easier. From the spotting tool, to the presets..  perfect.

Here are a few photos from the last days of 2009 to the first minutes of 2010.