So about five years ago I acquired a cheap old Sony Vaio PCG 505G. It had 64megs of ram, and a 233mhz processor. The positive is that it was thin. So it was still useful for using the internet, and that is about it. I brought it with me on one of my trips to Rochester.  My Mom fell in love with it, and well… it kind of went on permanent loan to her.

Flash forward a few years and it became totally obsolete. Performance wise it had been left in the dust before 2001, but with the netbooks that are out these days, Its size advantage was gone. Plus I could not even tether with my cell phone because It was only running windows ME (the worst OS ever conceived).

My challenge to myself this year was to install Linux on the system and breath new netbook style life into this relic. What made this interesting is that the laptop has no cd drive. And only an external floppy drive.  It does have a 1.1 USB port. And that is how I got Linux (Puppy Linux to be exact) on the system. Thanks to a floppy image called WakePup2, I was able to boot to a USB image of the PL image and install. Shortly thereafter I was able to connect to the internet by tether with my cell phone. Since I know I can do that now, my next goal (next year) will be to place a PCMCIA WIFI card in it. When that is complete, this laptop will be an underpowered netbook.  Perfect for surfing the net with. Except no youtube…

I think i need to upgrade the ram to 96 megs as well.  I really do love linux.