Decided to post a photograph, that i captured yesterday, to the PDML (Pentax Discuss Mailing List). I titled it Train Wreck of a Marriage. This photo was far from my best photo that I took this weekend, but the subject matter is what made the photo worth something in my eyes.  There had just been a wedding, and the participants decided to go out back on the train tracks for some photographs. Kind of cool I guess, but the issue is that these tracks are used on a daily basis. I don’t think this bodes well for their marriage. The signs are every where. Yes, the stop sign.

These are my other photos I took on Saturday.  All were taken with my new (to me) Pentax-F SMC 70-210 lens. In some of these photopgraphs, I was seeing how the lens handled being used into the sun.  All in all, i am quite happy with the results.

Curtain Call