It’s been a long while since I have last posted here. So lets see, I’ve taken a loads of photos with the Pentax k5. I love this camera. A month ago I took out the *DL to use for some sky photography, and I kept reaching for buttons and dials that the older camera does not have. My muscle memory is now completed.

Last weekend I shot a friends metal band. Mistress of My Enemy, as they performed for the first time in about a year. Just for fun I put some of the photos to music

The photos from that shoot can be found here:

I also photographed some of the other bands that night. This was all at Amped Performance Center’s new locations.

Sound board located in the center.

Now that weather is getting warmer, the fruit trees are starting to bloom. And of course, my apricot tree went stupid and bloomed too early. All it has to do is wait about 4 weeks and we’d get apricots each year. But noooooo. So I took some obligatory macro photos of it and the bees that love it.

And some video.

Of course a failed at outputting the right size before uploading to youtube. Won’t make that mistake again.


Some other photos from the past year:


Wind water

When you absolutely need a photo when it counts, make sure to grab the cheapest lens in your bag.  In my case a $10 Cambron 400 6.3 lens. The DR of the K5 allowed me to up the shadows a lot to get some green in there. For some odd reason UFRAW stripped the EXIF info. If you want to see said info, there is a similar photo at the other end of this gallery.

Just a Slice

Feb 23, 2012 Self PortraitJust playing around.