Time for an occasional political rant.

Some people just can’t let go. Ron Paul is not the Republican candidate for president. He is not the Libertarian candidate for president. For that matter, he is not the Constitution Party candidate for president. He is not a candidate for Congress. He is done. Out of the picture. Retiring from elected political life.

Will his die hard supporters please stop trying to kick other candidates to the curb. Many of the complaints about other candidates, such as Gary Johnson, resolve around the idea that he is not a Ron Paul clone. Seriously, not even Ron Paul passes the Ron Paul litmus test(Ron Paul voted for the use of military force in Afghanistan; so much for a non interventionist foreign policy). If Gary Johnson did pass the RPLT, he be called out for ripping off Dr. Paul. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

This liberty idea is supposed to be a movement. A movement such as ours, should not revolve around one person. It should revolve around the idea of preserving what liberties we have left and pursuing the restoration what liberties we have seemingly lost. We will not make progress if we demand our representatives in this movement meet impossible standards. We will also not gain allies if we push away others with differing ideas. We need people to run for officer at all levels. If a candidate is 75-85% of the ideal, then support him or her. We will never get our Liberty utopia, but maybe some day we can get something close to it if we embrace more candidates who are almost all the way with us.

A side note, would the liberty movement please stop attacking candidates who “get it” but haven’t memorized every intellectual book on the face of the Earth. Some people understand the ways things work without having to use thousand dollar words to explain them. I’d like to see things get done, instead of just debated.