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About me

I grew up in Western NY State in the town of Pittsford. A few years after graduating high school I moved out to New Mexico where I currently reside.  I went to college for xray. I’m very involved in the local Airsoft community. I started on my photographic journey in 2002 with the purchase of my first SLR . It took me three years to start sharing my photographs with the world. Today I use a mixture of digital and tradition photography in my workflow. Most of my photography is hosted on .

About the name

Cnaw was a name I came up with some help of a friend during a pascal program class in high school. It was short for something else, but I don’t remember what that was. I was trying to create a low character email address on Hotmail (before Microsoft purcased the company). I used it as a username for the longest time. These days i normally used another name, but I have kept it for this site. A little souvenir of my past as I move forward.

MountainFort came to be when I looked up the meaning of my last name. Most the websites at the time mentioned pastures and mountain fort. I went with the name that sounded most easy to remember as well as being strong.